How To Keep Your Pets Safe from Insects

How To Keep Your Pets Safe from Insects

Keep Pets Safe from InsectsYour pets are part of the family and protecting them from predatory pests and insects is a must. Fleas and ticks, mosquitoes and troublesome flies are very annoying as their bites can cause irritation and illness in pets.

Here are a few measures that can protect your pets from health risks and insect infestations…

The best way to protect your pets and your home from common household pests is to prevent an infestation before it happens. Remember to clean your pets after they come back from a walk outdoors. Shampoo early and often as it is the best defense against fleas and ticks. Pets who have loose facial skin and wrinkles need additional scrubbing and washing. You need to groom your pets and examine the pads of their feet to check them for debris and dirt.

Mosquitoes are active mostly in early morning and evening. You need to keep your pets inside at these times to keep the exposure to a minimum. After playtime in the outdoors, brush their coats to remove any insects who have hitched a ride. Be on the lookout for skin irritations and bite marks, red or itchy skin. If your pet excessively scratches its skin, it could be an indicator that they have skin abrasions or bites.

If your dog has long hair, consider trimming it shorter in spring and summer when ticks and fleas are most prevalent. Not only does this prevent insects from latching onto long hair, it helps your pet stay cool.

Remember to wash your pet’s bedding and crate, food bowls and toys. Sleeping areas need to be cleared and washed regularly in the summer heat.

If your pets roam freely in yards and gardens, you need to keep these spaces clean and tidy. Tall grasses need to be well maintained and cut regularly. Keep your grass cut low along the sidewalk and fence.

A clean house is often the best pest prevention – indoors or outdoors.
Inside the home: vacuum carpets and floors, furniture and bedding regularly. You also can repair torn screens in windows and doors to help keep insects out.
Outside the home: Unclog gutters and try to avoid having places where rainwater accumulates. This is especially important for mosquitoes. Birdbaths, swimming pool covers, kids’ play spaces, or even the area around your outdoor faucet and sprinkler system can also become mosquito breeding grounds.

If you have tried your best but still have an insect problem, call the experts at Brothers Pest Control: (813) 500-4735