Protect Your Home From Insects This Summer

Protect Your Home From Insects This Summer

Summer is coming – and so are the bugs!

no pestsWriggly and disgusting, irksome and pesky, insects are better out than in! As summer sets in full swing so does your potential for pest problems. These humid and hot months bring the pests out of dormancy and create the right breeding conditions for them to wreak havoc in your household.

How can you stop summer bugs from paying your house a visit and ultimately save yourself the trouble of footing massive pest control bills?

Here’s a couple of quick tips to help keep insects out of your home this summer:

  • Bugs don’t need a reason to enter your home and stopping these invaders in the first place needs a solid line of defense. Finding and sealing the problem areas in your home like the crevices and cracks in the wood panels, doors and windows, will help close off the entry points for sneaky pest invaders. The right exclusion techniques will create obstacles for bugs when they try entering your home.
  • Good sanitation and maintaining a hygienic environment will prevent insects and bugs from overrunning your home.  Inspect your bathroom and kitchen. Look for leaks and fix any seepages that may lead to dampness.
    Debris, dirt and scraps of food, and pet litter often attract pest activity. Ensure that your kitchens are clean and toilets spotlessly dry.
  • Seeing is believing. Don’t wait until you see bugs all over your house to then scramble to handle the pests. Take proactive measures. A professional pest control company, like Brothers Pest Control, that specializes in pest protection can keep your home pest free year round..

Wondering what to do about pests this summer? Bring in the professionals and keeping a few tips in mind can help you get a pest-free summer. We keep bugs out of your home all year long!


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