Tips to Prevent Summer Bugs from Infesting Your Home

Tips to Prevent Summer Bugs from Infesting Your Home

Summer pest control
Summers are tough times to bug-proof your home completely. Like it or not, some pests find their way inside your home. Here are some simple and effective ways to combat summer pest problems.

Screens work! Inspect all door and window screens for tears and holes and repair or replace s needed.

Close the gaps! If air and light get in through around your doors, insects can also enter via these gaps. Install tight fitting thresholds and door sweeps at the bottom of your doors. Use door seals to fill the gaps around doors.

Fill those cracks!  If your home’s outer walls develop cracks, that is a welcome sign for insects to enter your home. You can use a tube of caulk sealant on most of the problem areas. Also check for gaps around your dryer vent or gas line, cable wiring or where your air conditioning unit goes into the house. Seal these areas from the inside if possible and use an expanding spray foam product to block out bugs.

Take out the trash more often. If you can smell your garbage, you are inviting pests to your home! Do not ignore the recycling bin as it’s a smorgasbord for bugs. Sticky soda cans and pet food cans, and bottles can attract insects if they are not rinsed well. Fruit flies in particular seem to really enjoy stale beer. Rinse well before you drop your empties in the recycle bin.

Keep it dry. Most pests that infest during summer require a certain amount of humidity to survive. Any source of moisture, even condensation on pipes can attract critters. Fix the plumbing leaks, however minor they may be. If your crawlspace or basement takes on water during heavy rains, you could be in for pest problems. Install an effective drainage system and use dehumidifiers.

A clean yard makes a difference. Keep the grass cut nice and short, and free your yard of all organic debris.
Trees and shrubs often function as highways for insects to move into the house. Keep the tree branches pruned and make sure these don’t rest on your roof or touch your windows or walls.

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