5 Very Effective Ways to Get Rid of Bugs

5 Very Effective Ways to Get Rid of Bugs

Keep Bugs Out of Home

Warmer weather and higher humidity often are the ideal conditions for the growth of nasty bugs. That pleasant warm weather bring ants to your kitchen, mosquitoes to your patio and carpenter bees to your deck.

Here are 5 do-it-yourself pest control methods to help you rid your outdoors and indoors of insects.

  1. Eucalyptus oil and certain other essential oils are sweet smelling and the components of hand sprays. Instead of poisoning or killing bugs, you can just scent your indoor air with these oils and spray some mixed water for more potency.
  2. You can use a shallow deep-dish bowl and mix citronella and lemongrass to chase mosquitoes away. The smell that emanates from the oils makes it more bearable for the human inhabitants in summer but repels mosquitoes from their favorite hunting ground.
  3. Using crushed eggshells sometimes scattered in the garden and patio can keep slugs and snails away from your summer hangouts. The garden and patio or even the storeroom can be a focal point of all pest infestation. You need to be very cautious when sprinkling the pieces of shell around your outdoors.
  4. To get your ants out of the home, try creating a homemade ant bait that traps ants effortlessly. These ant baits can be placed close to the ant’s home and kept out of reach of pets and children. This can work wonders when the stream of ants’ scurry back to their queen with food. You can also protect your outdoor parties and cookouts from gnats and bugs by burning some citronella candles. Use mason jars and empty sauce jars with perfumed wicks to create a beautiful bug-free table space in the patio.
  5. Many homeowners rely on natural ventilation, but it’s important that you enjoy fresh air without the annoyance of insects and fleas. To keep experiencing the freshness of air, install screens in windows and doors. You can choose a 20-mesh or even a finer screen to ward off common household pests. Summers can indeed be a blessing when you carry out simple repairs to your windows and doors.


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