5 Handy Mosquito Control Tips for Homeowners

5 Handy Mosquito Control Tips for Homeowners

Bothersome and parasitic, mosquitoes can spread disease like West Nile and Zika, and cause enormous distress! These insects are a menace in summer, and no one wants them in the yard or patio when spending time outdoors. 

These bloodsucking mini monsters are impossible to avoid in the wet and humid months and if you are tired of swatting them away and getting bitten, here are some helpful tips to control them: 

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water.
    If there is water pooling up around the yard, there will be mosquitoes breeding in it.
    Make sure that the faucets are not dripping and leaking, and puddles are not created at the base. Mosquitoes find standing water an irresistible place to lay eggs. Remove items in the yard that may collect water, such as buckets, trash cans, old tires – anything that can hold water. If you have water that cannot be removed, such as a pet’s water dish, change the water frequently. Decorative mulch, rocks, wood chips and other natural items can be used to prevent water from accumulating.  
  • Natural repellents help counter mosquitoes. 
    You can light up citronella candles and torches in certain parts of your yard when you are hanging out. Yellow outdoor lighting can also keep mosquitoes at bay. These insects find yellow light repulsive and are more comfortable with incandescent lighting. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers and a portable fan can also stop them from coming too close in the hot evenings.  
  • Traps and Magnets
    If the pest population gets to be too much to handle, use a mosquito trap or a mosquito magnet. This device burns propane and sends out a steady stream of carbon dioxide that mosquitoes are attracted to and when they come close, they get sucked into a net and are killed. If you want to control the mosquito population across your entire property, this is a good option.  

Keep your lawn grasses short and limit the resting places for mosquitoes to breed. 

Mosquito season is in full-effect! Keep these tips need  in mind to have a fun-filled summer and keep the mosquitoes at bay.
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