Pests Seeking Winter Refuge in Your Home

Pests Seeking Winter Refuge in Your Home

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Some homeowners consider pests to be an issue only during the summer and let their guard down in winter once the weather becomes cooler and drier. But in most cases, ignoring pests that are going to come inside in the cooler months can be dangerous. Cracks in the foundation and open crevices give unwanted pests a chance to enter your home looking for warmth and food. Filling these cracks will block them out, but here are some common pests that get inside your home during the cool season.

flying florida carpetner antsFlying Ants

Flying carpenter ants are rarely welcome in our homes. If you find a winged ant in summer, you may not face much of a problem. But in winter months, if you spot one of these inside your home, chances of a carpenter ant nest nestled inside your kitchen or storeroom may become a problem.


cluster fliesCluster Flies

Homeowners generally believe flies are common in the summer months and swatting a few of these may be simply harmless. But winters too can be great breeding ground for flies inside the home. Cluster flies enter the home from outside seeking moisture and comfort in the controlled heat of the indoors.



Mice are sly and curious and seen inside the house in winter. These can enter your living room causing considerable damage to clothes, furniture and eatables. These rodents are also unhealthy and spread disease.



The Norway rat (street rat, brown rat, or sewer rat) and the roof rat are commonly seen in homes during winter. Both species of rats can cause damage to your household items.


bed bugsBed Bugs

If you thought bed bugs only appeared during moist and hot months, think again! Bed bugs reappear during the winter and can wreak havoc with your sleep causing skin irritation and bites. Call the exterminators to get rid of the bedbugs.


fruit fliesFruit Flies

Winter is often a season that brings in fruit flies inside your kitchen. If you keep vegetables and fruits unattended, you may unwittingly invite the wrath of fruit flies. These tiny insects are a menace and can be a festering problem for those who want to store food and supplies in their pantry.


firewood pestsPests in Firewood

There are several firewood pests that are brought in because of the warmth and comfort of the fire burning in the fireplace.


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