Keep Mosquitoes Away - Even in Florida!

Keep Mosquitoes Away - Even in Florida!

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A long and relaxing summer is often disturbed by the arrival of mosquito season. Your evening cookout or even a stroll outdoors can quickly turn sour with everyone’s least favorite insect.

We have rounded up a few fool-proof ways to keep mosquitoes away:

Lemon eucalyptus oil, which is 96% effective at repelling mosquitoes for more than 4 hours, is a natural remedy that is extracted from the leaves of the lemon eucalyptus plant. Small amounts of this sweet-smelling oil dabbed on the skin can help ward off mosquito bites in summer.

One of the best-known mosquito repellents is citronella. The strong smell of citronella masks the human scents that attract swarms of mosquitoes. You can burn citronella candles, dab citronella extract on your wrists and ankles, and protect your patio or deck with incense sticks.

You can also use apple cider vinegar as a bug repellent, as well as a remedy for mosquito bites. This is an underutilized remedy that also helps in countering itching and scratching.

These repellents and remedies are helpful, but keeping a yard that is less inviting to mosquitoes is necessary as well. Eliminate standing water that can be a breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This includes spaces like buckets and gutters, plastic covers and play sets for children. If you have items that are placed outdoors and need water, like a bird bath, keep the water fresh whenever possible.

Florida mosquitoes can be very persistent and difficult to keep away. If you need professional help with mosquito control, give us a call at (813) 500-4735 or contact us here on the website.